YETD: Belgium vs. the Czech Republic

YETD: Belgium vs. the Czech Republic

The YETD final is bound to be an exciting competition where both newcomers and seasoned veterans will show off their truck driving skills. This year’s lineup consists of drivers with various backgrounds and skills – all of which will be tested thoroughly. 

Kris Agten Belgium

Kris Agten, Belgium.

Michal Kyral Czech Republic

Michal Kyral, Czech Republic.











Kris Agten from Belgium has plenty of experience in YETD as he has participated in the event on five previous occasions. Even though this is the first time he has reached the European final, Agten is familiar with the upcoming challenges. As he often drives in big, crowded cities, his manoeuvring skills are second to none. But cargo securing is one of his weaker disciplines.

Michal Kyral from the Czech Republic has participated in two national finals. He claimed 4th place in 2012 and won the 2014 competition. Kyral is a seasoned driver with many years’ experience. He considers his manoeuvering skills to be his strong point, both in the competition and in his job. However, cargo securing remains one of his weaker areas.