Wrapping up period 2

Wrapping up period 2

I am now in my last hours of the second trainee period, and wow, did this period go quickly! It doesn’t feel like that long ago I first set foot within the project office, both nervous and excited at the same time. I have really had a great time here. The whole department has been incredibly friendly and supportive, and I can truly see why the project office is such a popular place for trainees to spend a period at. By working here, the company “shrinks” quite drastically, and I have developed a better understanding for the complex task to develop a new product, produce it, and finally selling it to customers. During my time at the project office, I have come in contact with several other parts of the company, and I have a general idea of who is who, especially at R&D but also in other parts of the organization. Not only is this a good thing career-wise, having a large personal network never hurts, but through my understanding of the whole company it will be easier to see the big picture and to do a better job at whatever position I might have at Scania in the future.

To compare my two periods, I would say that working in production has a different pulse than the project office. The focus is very much “here and now”, and problems often have to be solved with very short deadlines. At the project office, the tempo is also high, but in a different way. Here, the challenge has more to do with all the parallel processes and events that goes on within a project, and how to keep everything on track, even with deadlines that are far away into the future. Granted, this comparison is done between two trainee periods. I believe actually working at the project office or as a production engineer at a plant will be a somewhat different experience.

Now I look forward to returning to Oskarshamn, where I will spend 3 months in the body-in-white production before the summer vacation. Coming home to my own apartment will be especially nice. I have had a great time in Södertälje, and the accommodation here has been great for this period of time, but it lacks the feeling of being “home”. Of course, I have also missed the friends I made in Oskarshamn during the fall, and I expect the arrival of spring being especially pleasant further south in Sweden.

I also want to take the time to congratulate my fellow trainee Tobias, who won the fantasy hockey league some of us trainees have been running since October. A well-deserved victory even though I’m slightly disappointed that I only finished 3rd in the playoffs after being the regular season champion. In all seriousness, since I moved to Oskarshamn after our introduction and therefore couldn’t meet face-to-face with the majority of the trainee group, having the fantasy league to gather around was a great way to stay in touch with some of the people in Södertälje. I’m already looking forward to next year’s battle!


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