World record for Scania at Convoy in the Park

World record for Scania at Convoy in the Park

Scania set an unofficial world record at the recent Convoy in the Park truck festival at the Donington Park race circuit in England.

An amazing 421 Scania trucks gathered in and around the Scania Village area of the circuit, making it the largest gathering of a single make of truck in one place. The huge array of trucks made for an impressive sight, and ranged from vintage-era 110s through 140s to the New Truck Generation. The prize for Best Scania truck in the village went to the V8 customised T-cab driven by Coles & Sons, and this truck also won the overall prize for best in show.

Scania V8 customised T-cab driven by Coles & Sons.

Best in show.

The record was just one of the activities Scania GB had organised for the weekend. There was a Scania Driver Competition, face painting for the kids, caricaturists on hand to draw adults and kids and two very special Scania trucks that had been customised by Svempa – the Red Pearl and the Chimera. Oh, and we shouldn’t forget the very popular Scania rubber ducks (a nod to the 70s film Convoy) that were given to those who tweeted a photo of themselves beside a Scania truck.

The event was a great success, and yet more proof of truck enthusiasts’ enduring interest in all things Scania.