When you believe in people, you help them blossom

When you believe in people, you help them blossom

A sunny December afternoon in Sweden. I am in the middle of the start-up for a new project, an exhibition in Belgium next Fall. We are still setting the tone, deciding the project group, planning the activities when I come across this article about our former CEO Leif Östling. It’s one of these personal articles and I continue reading. I have read a lot of articles about him during my 5 years at Scania, but this one catches my attention in another way. It’s very personal and it includes the story about Scania, why Scania is the company it is today – its core values: the respect for the individual, the customer first and quality.

Leif Östling is convinced that employees that are seen and feel that they can contribute, will perform better. Leif has indeed formed a company where employees have the possibility to grow and develop both personally and as a team. This is the reason why I love to go to work. I see that I can make a difference, I can support and coach my colleagues and together we perform better and develop as persons.

For Leif integration is important and I love the way the article ends. It’s something very important for me too. Here is my personal interpretation in English:

BUT we shall never forget that within every human being that arrives in Sweden, there is a competence, a resource, that will blossom. It is all about seeing the individual behind the group.

So this weekend, see the persons surrounding you. Give them your appreciation, believe in their ability, give them love and help them blossom.


Below, you have the link to the article, in Swedish though.

Ärligt talat


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