When emotion meets logic

When emotion meets logic

Driving a Scania V8 has always been a reason for pride, and it has always been the starting point of an experience filled with emotions. Scania’s new generation of V8 engines combine these emotions with rational and logical reasons to buy and drive the king of trucks.

Our goals for the new V8 reflect the way that the transport industry is currently developing. In the shift towards more intelligent and sustainable transport systems, longer and heavier vehicle combinations are gaining ground. Consequently, there is a growing demand for more powerful and fuel-efficient truck engines.

And the fuel consumption ­figures for our new generation of V8s speak for themselves. These new state-of-the art engines reduce fuel consumption by between seven and ten percent. We have not seen such an improvement in fuel economy in our engine development for the past 50 to 60 years!

Fuel economy

When the Euro 6 emission standard was introduced quite a lot of weight was added to the engines of heavy vehicle. These new V8s are 80 kilos lighter than the current Euro 6 V8 platform, which is great news for customers that are paid per kilo transported – they will see the difference when calculating their total ­operation economy.

With the introduction of new power levels in our V8 range, many customers operating heavy duty vehicles will find themselves a new favourite. These engines are the new benchmark within the transport industry. Their efficiency, robustness and strength beat everything. This is an engine whose development is at the very forefront of engine technology.

To me, someone who is helplessly in love with that rumbling V8 sound and the feeling of power and potency when pulling 60 tonnes in a long uphill, it sounds like this new generation of V8s is precisely when emotion meets logic…

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