What a training!

What a training!

It’s been a while. I know. I love to share my stories with you.

A new year already, I don’t know where 2017 headed that fast. Just face it. End of March 2018 is here. Therefore I need to tell you all about what I have been doing while 2017 was flying fast forward.

It all started long ago, but I jumped on the project right before execution somewhere in March 2017, a year ago. It’s where I feel that I can contribute the most as a project manager. I love being in the moment where the team is ready to push the ‘ON’ button. In this project the ‘ON’ button meant bringing a lot of salesmen from all over Europe for a commercial product training. Normally I follow projects from start to end, but here help was needed and I was ready help. This time I needed to rethink though. Normally I know the background, I know the concept and I know who to turn to for help. Normally I have done the time plan, I have made sure that everyone knows what is expected and I know when to follow up things. This time I did not have a clue. I knew that the dress rehearsal would take place in three weeks and everything needs be set then.

Where to start? Of course I needed to get going really fast, but I realised that if I don’t know my team and if I cannot make sure that they are working as a team, we will never succeed. So I spent quite a lot of time with understanding the needs of the team members. I also spend a lot of time making sure everyone knew what was expected. I worked very closely with the training coordinator that was responsible for the agenda and the content. My role during the whole project was more about assuring that we were helping and supporting each other in the best possible way.

From Mid-April until the end of July more than 1100 salesmen from all over Europe visited Södertälje. During a 2-day-training they were trained in the product news i.e. our new construction trucks. A lot of time was spent on testdriving the vehicles. More than 150 Demo Drivers worked at during the event with the testdriving and I don’t actually have a figure of all my colleagues that were involved in the training. All I know is that we were many and that everyone contributed with their energy and knowledge. Once again thanks everyone for an amazing work and energy!

In September Scania launched the new XTrange, our new construction trucks. During the fall we invited more than 2500 customers to be part of an 2-day-event, getting to know the new generation of trucks. The salesmen we trained came back with their customers and they experienced not only the new truck generation but also all the service offers we offer our customers. It was a great event with many happy customers, discussions and positive feedback. I really appreciate the opportunity my job gives me to meet people from different cultures, to share knowledge and experience and just have fun together. I always grow as a person when meeting people from different cultures.

I hope you had a great 2017 and fantastic 3 months in the new year!







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