Wellbeing and safety at the core

Wellbeing and safety at the core

Our greatest asset is our employees. Ensuring a safe and healthy workforce is therefore our priority.

One of Scania’s six core values is ‘respect for the individual’, meaning the individual stands at the centre in all that we do. Scania’s health attendance level is 95.9%, reflecting the importance we place in having a safe and healthy workforce To ensure our employees’ well-being, a safe and healthy workplace is a top priority. The Scania Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) standard provides the guidelines for how we address workplace issues such as safety equipment, the handling of chemicals, mental and social well-being, crisis support and road safety.

We use The Scania Way of working as the foundation for working with these issues in a systematic way, by involving the employees at all levels. Specific guidelines and training have been developed to address issues concerning physical and psychosocial risk assessment, with a preventive and proactive focus. As Scania enters new markets and areas, new requirements are imposed for health and safety.

Taking individual responsibility

Shared ownership is the approach. The commitment to the wellbeing of our employees is reflected in the support organisation, which continually raises the safety bar.  At the same time, every Scania manager must monitor progress against objectives and indicators as well as benchmark performance. But the approach is only successful if it visibly impacts the behaviour of every employee. Each individual has to take responsibility for his or her own workplace.

A Scania-wide approach

Expansion in emerging markets poses new challenges around safety. Sales and services operations have 18,000 employees whose workplaces are in workshops and vulnerable situations alongside highways. For this group of employees, Scania has broadened priorities, including roadside safety, proper risk assessments and revising safety and logistics procedures. To address these, Scania has sharper focus on SHE training of sales and services managers. All Scania employees must undergo regular health- and safety-related training, comprising both e-learning modules and workshops.

Joint management-worker meetings help monitor and advise on progress, addressing all issues relating to the working environment and worker wellbeing. This dialogue is outlined as mandatory in the management procedures and in the policy for working environment. Although committees cover the entire workforce in some geographic areas, most represent production staff.