Welcome to build your Scania

Welcome to build your Scania

Build your Scania. With the new Scania Configurator, customers can explore the boundless opportunities for tailoring the truck to precisely match the desired specification.

Starting with new generation long-haulage trucks, customers are initially invited to select if they are in the market for tractors or rigids. Thereafter, the user selects one of the 11 transport applications, such as general cargo, bulk transport or timber transport, that best describe their business. This narrows the specification scope based upon particular application. The customer is then asked to choose wheel configuration, cab size, weight, road conditions, mileage, topography, traffic conditions and cruising speed.

This sets the stage for countless interior and exterior choices. “In total, the configurator encompasses 340 of our most frequent variant families,” says Miku Kimber, Head of e-Business at Scania. “We can also, for example, offer a choice of 147 colours, more than most brands.”

Miku Kimber hopes that customers will find it simpler to discover the many options they can choose between.Peggy Bergman

The configurator has been developed as a marketing tool for existing and prospective customers to acquaint themselves with all available options. “They may not be aware of all the choices at their disposal. For example, they might, out of habit, be inclined to select dark upholstery but when it is actually visualised realise how attractive a lighter colour could be.”

The content is generated from several existing Scania IT systems and the image bank consists of up to one half a million layers. “It might be interesting to find out just how many variants we can generate but that would take more than one week to calculate,” according to Miku Kimber.

Try the Scania Configurator here.