“We have a good corporate culture”

“We have a good corporate culture”

Christer Lindgren thought he would remain at Scania for a couple of years only. It’s now 36 years and counting. “Scania is a stable and secure employer, while also being ambitious and high-tech,” he says.

Christer Lindgren works two shifts as an operations manager within frames and chassis at Scania Ferruform. He coaches and coordinates a group of six people, some working three shifts. That means he needs to be on site a short time before the rest of the group and also remain a little after the end of the shift to hand over to the next production manager.

“When I arrive in the morning, I talk to the night shift to find out how things went, and whether there are deviations, and to look at the numbers. Then I go through what should be done during the day and allocate the work. Every morning at 07:45 we have pulse meetings for everyone working on the steel side.”

The working hours are from 06:00 in the morning to 14:40 in the afternoon, or from 14:30 to 23:20. If any quality problems arise during the day, as the operations manager, he is the person who must deal with them. Christer is also the safety representative, so safety meetings and issues can also arise during the day.

Has worked at Scania his whole career

When Christer started at Scania 36 years ago, he thought he would stay a couple of years at most and then move on. He is a trained truck mechanic and had intended to continue in that profession. But the years have passed and he likes the job and his colleagues a great deal. He started in the welding department and worked for many years as an operator. Since then he has worked as a production coordinator, team supervisor and operations manager, and has also taken an interest in union issues. He has also attended several internal courses.

Christer Lindgren, Operations Manager at Scania Ferruform

Christer Lindgren, Operations Manager at Scania FerruformGustav Lindh 2016

“Scania is my first and only workplace. It is a stable and secure employer and that creates a sense of calm among the employees. Of course, there are ups and downs and sure enough, there have been bad times – but then there’s always a plan for retaining staff. Many people have been here a long time, and that’s a good sign.”

Christer is part of a real Scania family – his father also worked at Scania. He started in Södertälje but then moved his family to Luleå in 1968.

“There’s a good corporate culture here and new employees get a good introduction to the company. We really try to get the new girls and boys to learn the basics: being responsible for a good work ethic, thinking about quality and how you act towards others, what is acceptable behaviour and how important it is to have good housekeeping. We are very clear about this, and we are consistent. Even if we undergo a re-organisation, the same thinking remains. We have our rules and that provides a basic sense of security.”

But security does not mean that Scania does not press forward.

Christer thinks that it is interesting to work at a high-tech company and see up close how the new trucks will be received, as well as what the partnership with MAN, Scania’s sister company in the Volkswagen Group, will involve.

“It will be exciting to see what we can share and how we can use each truck company’s talents.”


Name: Christer Lindgren
Age: 54
Role at Scania Ferruform: Operations manager
The best thing about the job: It is interesting working at a high-tech company that is also a stable and secure employer.
Leisure activities: Previously I spent a lot of time on my daughters’ activities, such as football and riding. Now they have driving licences and I lend them the car. I have more time for myself and enjoy reading books or going for walks.