Visit to the new Logistics Centre

Visit to the new Logistics Centre

If you have read Karin’s blog you know that we have a new Logistics Centre at Scania that is providing services to the engine assembly. One of the SEP participants of this year is also stationed at this site. Having one current and one former SEP participant allowed us to have a technical meeting and arrange a study visit.

But, before we went to the Logistics Centre we took a look at the engine assembly. Having seen some assembly lines you can see that they are all unique in their own way, but there are some similarities. Nevertheless, I took a closer look at their logistics solutions as we were walking around and as in the case of the assembly lines being similar and unique at the same time the logistics solutions were also similar and unique. For instance, the logistics train that they have in the engine assembly look a bit different.

The new lLogisics Centre looked nice. I never thought I would say that about a warehouse, but it actually did! There were some smart solutions of storing material that I had never seen before and it also looked very organised. I am impressed by how fast they moved in to the building without losing control of all the material. It is not completely finished, some extra things are still to be done, but as of a couple of months it is a fully functioning logistics centre! More detailed information about the new logistics centre can be found on Karin’s blog.


Between the visit to the engine assembly and the logistics centre we enjoyed a bit of sun.


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