Vacay coming up!

Vacay coming up!

Less than 8 hours before I will check out from Scania, and have 4 well earned weeks of vacation. I am on my 7th week here at Scania and honestly, this vacation couldn’t come any sooner. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my group at RBRF and am very happy and satisfied with my summer internship so far, but it will be really nice to not have to set my alarm at 05.40 on Monday…or any day for the coming 4 weeks.

My fellow blog colleague Tove from SSI IT wrote a great post on the first SSI weekend. You can find her summary here: The first SSI weekend . I however, very unfortunately missed the first weekend but Tove has done a great job describing it. All three SSI tracks (Mechanical, IT and System) have these educational weekends together, even though some activities during are separate for each track.

So, instead I thought I would tell you more about my summer internship at RBRF!

RBRF, otherwise also known as Bus Frames & Installations, is a part of Research & Development at Scania located at Scania Technical Center (The Scania area is HUGE, they even have mini coaches between the different departments and areas here..). It is a very friendly and welcoming group of 11 engineers working with frame constructions for buses. This means a lot of Catia (3D modeling program used at Scania) and that is what I do here too. Having most of the RBR groups (RBR – Frame structure and chassi system, RBRF is a subgroup under the RBR section)  under the same roof, eases both communication and problem solving, which I think is very beneficial. Watching how the groups at RBR work closely together, it is nice to see how Scania has implemented a smarter structure of positioning the groups according to their relevance to each other. I see evidence of this every day, with simple meetings in the hall, at someones desk or during the coffee break.

I have for my summer internship been assigned my “own” project which I really appreciate. This way I can control everything around the project, but there is still plenty of room for ideas, development, learning, questions and setting my own deadlines. Without revealing too much (confidentiality clauses..) I have worked in Catia V5 and on re-modeling a very complex topology model for a bus frame on how material should be apportioned in the frame based on forces and conditions posed on the bus frame. Very basically explained, my group receives such a model from the computational group after sending a first draft of a model of the frame, and then uses it for their re-modeling of the frame, weighing in how the material now should be distributed in the frame to resist and manage all requirements on forces, torques, conditions etc that the frame is exposed to during rides (it is confusing for me too). The purpose for me re-modeling this model, is to 3D print it and thus show how the computation group is involved in the construction of the bus frames. However, to enable a real physical model, it has to be modeled in a certain way, otherwise the 3D printing lab here at Scania can’t print it. They have demands and requirements on the model sent to them for print, and that is why I now am working on this, remodeling the original topology model to a 3D print friendly model. Easy as that! 😛 It has so far been a great challenge for me. I get to learn different workbenches in Catia, structure my own project and still follow the work of my group.

I love how I get to follow my project from beginning to ending, to see my development in learning Catia and to see actual results. This project is my “baby”, only my own limitations, demands and goals will define the end result. When I started, I had a blank model and now the model is soon finished, just some last touch-ups and then preparing it for 3D printing. It feels doable, and this project has been a perfectly balanced project in  difficulty and challenge without seeming too impossible to follow through with. It is going to be awesome to hold the physical product when it is done, it is a very concrete project which I like, because I can actually see what I have done so far and the final result before I leave RBRF.

Wow, this was a long post… I will be taking off for some well needed vacation today, but will try to update with some posts during my vacation.

Stay classy,




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