Vacation and back again, a story by Joakim Arnold

Vacation and back again, a story by Joakim Arnold

It’s great to be back in the good ol’ bow-tie.

Vacation has ended, life is slowly getting back on track with good routines and a slow, but steady, reactivation of my brain.

I don’t know what you think, but this might have been the best summer in a long time, especially weather-wise, though I understand that everyone might have had the opposite experience if you look at all the wild fires that has been raging through the forests of Sweden.

My vacation has been packed full of activities, including, a trip to Hvar, Croatia (as seen in the photo), swimming, sunbathing, sailing, riding a water scooter, hanging out with friends and much much more. All in all it has been really good! An important factor to let yourself enjoy your vacation to the fullest is to allow yourself to disconnect things from your mind, and yes, I’m talking about work.

My philosophy is to not think of work when I’m not suppose to. That includes after work hours, on weekends and while on vacation. As soon as I walk out of this build, I disconnect work. This might come across as a “bad worker attitude” or “lazy”, but for me, and I think most people, it’s unhealthy to think of work related stuff 24/7. You need to wind down and let your brain and body to recover after a hard days of work. I guarantee that this will reduce your stress and overall relaxation!

First week after vacation is over, my brain is slowly getting back to it’s normal state, and I’m excited of the coming months!

Over and out.


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