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Scania apps to go

Scania Fleet Management is a new app for smartphones and tablets, designed to move with you.

As an increasing number of drivers switch to smartphones and tablets, Scania is ensuring that its web-based apps go with them, giving drivers and fleet managers added convenience and mobility. Scania Fleet Management is a new app recently launched by Scania.

Scania Fleet Management

The Scania Fleet Management app is free for subscribers to  the Fleet Management Control package. The new app provides real-time monitoring of Scania vehicles via a smartphone or tablet device.

The app provides fleet owners with a map function that identifies the location of each vehicle in their fleet.

Total control

Karin Rådström, Director of Fleet Management at Scania.

Karin Rådström, Director of Fleet Management at Scania.

After downloading the Fleet Management app from Appstore or Google Play, users just log in with the same user name that they use for the fleet management system.Fleet owners can also access the driver’s phone number for direct calling or send the driver messages through the app.

“One big advantage with these apps is that you can reach the data quickly and easily from wherever you are, at any time,” says Rådström. “It’s a handy complement to the regular service.”

Scania Dealer Locator

Scania also provides the Scania Dealer Locator app which is targeted at drivers in distress, helping them to quickly locate the nearest Scania workshop. The app provides up-to-date contact information as well as maps with route descriptions to the nearest workshop. The Dealer Locator app is free of charge and available on both Apple and Android devices.