Truck of the Year attracts thousands at IAA

Truck of the Year attracts thousands at IAA

Scania welcomes visitors to the IAA 2016 with its recently-launched new truck generation. Already on the opening day, thousands flocked to see the new Scania S-cab, which has just been rewarded with the Truck of the Year prize.

Visitors will also enjoy the new R-cab in the new range. Meanwhile, Scania recognises the need for a variety of drivelines and alternative fuels for optimal fuel economy and to meet climate targets. On the stand is the Scania LNG – liquid gas – truck, which is gaining ground for medium-distance haulage operations. Another alternative for city distribution is Scania’s hybrid truck.

The impressive Scania Crown Edition highly specified timber truck is another eye-catcher. Sales and Marketing’s Björn Fahlström provides an overview of Scania’s line-up at IAA 2016.

Press kit: Scania at IAA 2016

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