Traton Group onboarding week and end of introduction period!

Traton Group onboarding week and end of introduction period!

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As promised I will now write about the onboarding week in Munich that trainees from Scania, MAN, MAN Latin America and Traton participated in as part of the introduction within the respective companies, look at the top image to see who we are! The purpose of this week was to create a network across the brands to deepen the Traton collaboration and show that we really are part of a larger group. Just like the rest of the introductory period, this week was meticulously planned with lectures, workshops, a case and a factory visit.

The journey started as early as 03:40 on monday morning when we got picked up by bus to travel to Arlanda Airport to board the plane to Munich. We arrived to MAN Truck Forum just in time to start the day with an introduction by Marianne Ekstedt from Traton who had coordinated the entire week, a task that was very well executed by her! The second presentation was held by the Chief HR Officer at Traton Group; Dr. Intra, who indeed was great fun to listen to. The rest of the week continued in the same exciting fashion where we got to hear all about the thinking and strategies behind creating Traton Group and hang out with the other trainees. The factory visit to MAN cab and chassis assembly was also great, the differences between Sweden and Germany were much greater than any of us thought!

Every night there was a also fun activity planned for us which gave us a chance to explore Munich which really left me with a good impresstion of the city. There was one activity in particular that stood out as interesting, competitive and full of laughter; a scavenger hunt across Munich! This evening was planned by an intern at Traton and consisted of visiting several landmarks, gathering clues, completing fun challenges and getting to know each other even more.

One of the workshops we participated in concerned the four classic personality types “amiable”, “analytical”, “driver” and “expressive”, each group got to draw a picture to represent each one. Can you guess which is which?

Since this post marks the end of the six introduction week of the Scania Global Champion Trainee Programme 2018 I will like to take the time to express how truly impressed I am by this period. To our coordinators at Scania; Jenny Lindberg and Anna Nilson Önnemar, I would like to say that you have absolutely outdone yourselves both when it comes to planning as well as keeping up a great spirit. Whenever anything unplanned happened (and yes, unplanned stuff happened sometimes) you were swift and flexible in handling the situation. Together you have created a trainee group with very strong relations already and I’m certain that those relations will be permanent. The introduction weeks were definitely way beyond my expectations and couldn’t have gone any better, thank you for that!


Filip Linse



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