Trailer Control ­ – a new service in Scania Fleet Management

Trailer Control ­ – a new service in Scania Fleet Management

Scania Fleet Management is now being further enhanced with trailer monitoring, Scania Trailer Control.

It gives transport operators the possibility to fully integrate crucial information on position and in-trailer temperature with opportunities for tracking through the Scania Fleet Management system. In the coming months, Scania will add more vital trailer information on decisive factors such as axle weight, tyre pressure and braking faults.

Scania Trailer Control is being developed in partnership with software supplier Kasasi. At present, data can be collected from the embedded telematics systems of approximately 35 manufacturers and displayed in Scania Fleet Management. This tool enables transport companies to monitor vehicles with services such as vehicle and driver performance indicators, positioning and route planning.

Scania has identified temperature controlled transports as the segment where Scania Trailer Control will deliver most value for customers. “For these companies maintaining the accurate temperature throughout the transport operation is essential,” says Mattias Lundholm, Vice President, Connected Services and Solutions at Scania. “We can now provide them with immediate access to this vitally important information in the same system as they already use the many other critical factors that are needed to operate an effective and profitable transport business.”

In addition to trailer data, Scania will also start integrating truck body information into Scania Fleet Management. “The aim is that the system will comprehensively feature all the information that transporters require for their daily operations.”

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