Towards new goals in Melbourne

Towards new goals in Melbourne

After a journey that began more than 30 years ago involving system development in spare parts, it is now continuing to the other side of the world. Mikael Jansson has left Parts & Service to become the CEO of Scania in Australia, Down Under or Oz, as it is also called.

“It feels good to be handing over responsibility now when things are going so well,” he says.

Spare parts and servicing increasingly important

From initially not being that large, Parts & Service has grown in importance and is now an important part of the business that also includes accessories, Branding Products and central servicing concepts, advances that Mikael is proud to have been involved in.

“Everything happened in parallel. The entire servicing business has developed as I myself have been given greater responsibility.”

It is also clear that parts and servicing are something of a focus for the entire industry, and Scania’s turnover within this area alone has increased fivefold in the time Mikael has been at the company.

“The foundation is spare parts, but the main reason is that we have more trucks. With 700,000 of our trucks on the roads, the service market has huge potential.”

He also believes that the reason why Scania has such a large market share is because the customers get good support out in our global service organisation.

It is the middle of winter in Melbourne and with results like that behind him, the question is, of course, why he is choosing to change job now.

Mikael Jansson, CEO of Scania in Australia

“The timing was right both personally and professionally. We have both record sales and excellent customer satisfaction,” says Mikael Jansson, CEO of Scania in Australia.

Challenging customer base

Australia is a vast continent, and as this involves tough operating environments, the customers are often very demanding. Everything from mining to city buses need to be able to cope with what is often a tropical climate, and in light of the size of the country, both mobile and flexible solutions are required to provide customer support. It is also one of a few markets where everyone is fighting for market share, American, European and Japanese brands.

“Leading a business unit is about realising the set-up that people work with in a factory environment, but now I cover everything and am responsible for the complete picture. It will be very exciting to work with such a special market.”

Mikael has been to Australia a number of times before, and has also worked abroad for shorter periods in Europe. He will miss his “service market family”. Over many years in the field he has built up many good relationships.

“But now I just have to get to it. It will be an adventure in every way!”