Tobias Menrik – Object Leader V8

Scania V8 heroes: Tobias Menrik – Object Leader V8

One of the V8 heroes is Tobias Menrik, in charge of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). He describes it as the ‘brain’ of the V8 engine. Tobias chose the ECU because it’s central to his work as Object Leader for the new V8 engine, a job he’s been doing since the team began. He explains what this particular component does as part of the Engine Management System, or ems.

“The ECU is the brain that is controlling all the various parts of the engine — the injection, the turbo chargers, everything — and it’s keeping it all together. The ECU is processing so much information to ensure that the engine performs the way it should.”

Development made from scratch

The software which the ECU uses is developed by Scania, too. The basic code is actually developed by another team of heroes, known as ‘the software factory’. “I’m proud to know that we are developing our own software from scratch,” says Tobias, who’s been at Scania for five years.

Once the code is created, it’s passed on to the V8 team. From there it is put into the engine cell and further developed by turbo charging it, calibrating it for the required performance level. In common with his V8 colleagues, Tobias feels a real sense of ownership and identification with the project.

Tobias Menrik, Object Leader V8

Tobias feels a real sense of ownership and identification with the project.

Shared commitment

“Within this ECU masterpiece there are thousands and thousands of man and woman-hours invested, with so much knowledge. To achieve the best ems in the world, we test our hardware and software to the limit, so we have the ability to make our engines give top-class performance.”

His enthusiasm is impressive. “You can tell I’m quite proud to work with this engine and proud to work at Scania, can’t you?”, Tobias says.

He’s also proud of the team and the way its members are in tune with one another’s needs. “We don’t hide things from each other – we help each other,” he says.

And this keen musician, who has a rehearsal space in his basement at home, adds, “I’m not a typical engineer, I think, but I’ve been welcomed into the group. They’re all amazing people, with strong mindsets.”

Facts – Scania V8 Heroes

The V8 Engine Development team is responsible for making the most out of the V8 engine, using parameters such as service lifetime and performance. The team members’ cross-functional skills are put to the test when balancing requirements from developers of the software for the Engine Management System with the engineers calculating how much pressure a cylinder head can withstand. You’ll meet the professionals bringing the engine to market – we’re calling them ‘V8 Heroes’ – and learn more about their favourite V8 objects.

Scania V8 Heroes


When Scania unveiled the 350 hp V8 engine in 1969, it was Europe’s most powerful diesel truck engine, and it remained so for many years. Scania has been continuously refining this engineering masterpiece ever since.Read more