Time for Top Team 2017–2018

Time for Top Team 2017–2018

Skills, knowledge and professionalism – that’s what Scania’s Top Team competition is all about. For the current 2017–2018 event, some 8,000 service technicians and parts experts from 70 countries will engage in training and teamwork, demonstrating their competence.

Scania’s customers expect premium service, so staff on the front line must be equipped to meet their demands. Service-minded technicians and parts experts with the sharpest skills are expected to deliver the most effective customer offering possible.

There is no better way for service staff to boost their competence than by entering the Scania Top Team competition, a training opportunity that will enhance their knowledge of Scania’s products and services.

A record number of countries have registered for the 2017–2018 event, the 10th of its kind to be held at an international level.

Scania Top Team world final

Scania’s aim is to be recognised as a true partnership-driven leader in the shift towards a sustainable transport system. Thus, this year’s focus will be “Driving the Shift”, and participants will take part in activities relating to this focus area when they are not actually competing.

National rounds will take place through March 2018, followed by regional finals and then the world final, which will be held in Södertälje, Sweden, in December 2018.

Participants in the world final compete against top-ranked colleagues from all over the world. The winning team is awarded EUR 50,000; teams in second and third place are awarded EUR 30,000 and EUR 20,000 respectively.

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Scania Top Team

Scania’s approach to increasing the robustness of its service offering is to motivate and train its service personnel and parts experts. This is what Scania Top Team is all about.Read more