Time flies, spring is coming and new rotation

Time flies, spring is coming and new rotation

The weather here in Södertälje has not been like the typical spring weather (except for that it is changing every day). I hope that we will see some sun soon so that practising for Scaniamilen will be more fun.

These last couple of weeks have passed very quickly and I cannot believe that there is only a few weeks left of SEP. I have been asked the question if I look forward to go back and I do. I look forward to start working properly. You should not interpret me wrong – if I had the opportunity I would gladly do SEP again.

So what has happened since last time I wrote?
Since we decided to split my R&D period into two parts I have now spent five weeks at Volkswagen Truck and Bus at their technical office. I have not had a larger project due to my short stay but nevertheless I have seen a world that I had not thought about before. At my home department there is more focus on today and the next couple of years in order to face challenges and upcoming projects and ideas, whereas this department really focus on the future – what will happen in the truck market, what will happen in the bus market?

The people I met working at this department are, just like many of the previous departments I have been at, very good at what they do. What is new for me is the technical skills and knowledge about products from a R&D-perspective that really impresses me.

Of course, I have had some smaller projects. One example is a smaller benchmarking study and setting up a template for future work for benchmarking with this product. I also joined a few workshops focusing on autonomous driving which I found very interesting. Caroline (the other SEP blogger – see here) is employed at a department where autonomous driving is the main focus and I now understand more of the challenges, but also possibilities, that they face.

Now begins a period of some courses and also a trip to Copenhagen – we found a day in between courses so we decided to make the best of it by going with Scanias internal transports!


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