Timber truck driver tests the best

Timber truck driver tests the best

Norwegian driver Stig Ødegaarden successfully combines a full-time job as firefighter with driving powerful timber trucks. With a new generation Scania R 730, he is well equipped for demanding forestry transport.

“We previously had a Scania R 620 and the difference is noticeable,” he says. “The noise level is lower, the gearchanging smoother thanks to the Opticruise system and, generally, the truck is more stable and comfortable.”

Driving on treacherous forest roads, it is especially important that the truck is safe, reliable and pleasant to drive, according to Ødegaarden. “Spending many hours in the cab, you need a truck that is comfortable to drive and doesn’t wear you out.”

Scania recently offered him the chance to experience the ultimate in driver comfort – the new Scania S 730. Although he is more than content with his new truck, he was eager to try the largest cab. “I was slightly concerned that the higher cab would be more prone to swaying but that wasn’t the case. In fact, it was very pleasant to drive.”

Driving trucks for many years, Ødegaarden has tried several brands. “For me, Scania works best, with the greatest stability on the road.”