Three week update

Three week update

Time is really moving quickly and today I have already been at Scania for three weeks, which also means that I am roughly halfway from my summer job here, crazy! And in a little more than one month I’ll be taking the plane to Singapore and my semester abroad. So, there are a lot of fun things happening right now.

As for my work here at Scania, there hasn’t been many boring moments so far. I have about 2-3 projects that take up most of my time. One investment/purchasing project, one MSA project (Measurement System Analysis) and also that Kaizen project I wrote about earlier (although we are mostly awaiting results in that one). So my job assignments are very spread, which is fun.

One great thing about this job is that Scania also takes the time to make sure that we learn. So, mixed with all our actual assignment we also have lectures on various subjects. For example we have had a lecture on economics, how to deliver your message (presentation wise), and quality assurance.

Later today, we have a gathering with all summer interns at Scania. We are going to Gröndal (Scanias sports center) to play games and barbecuing. I’m looking forward to that and will be back later this week with a recap and some pictures from the event.


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