Three months with Traton in Munich

Three months with Traton in Munich

It’s really been forever since I shared anything here, so I figure it is now time to change that. A lot has happened since last time I wrote, I finished up my project and left Lithuania behind before embarking on a new adventure in Germany. In August I started my last journey within the Scania trainee program, a three months rotation within the strategy team at Traton, which I would like to tell you a little more about.

About a year ago I started Scania’s trainee program at my home department, strategy and business development within the corporate management function. During my year as trainee, I have really been able to see the whole spectrum of this huge company. I worked on future outlook and strategies for new business models, ele ctrification and automation during my first rotation. Suddenly it was time to go into production, where I got the chance to manage a project focusing on making the mounting within the chassis factory more efficient. I really had to step out of my comfort zone and bring out a more technical side. Before the summer, it was finally time to go abroad and I got the chance live for three months in Lithuania, where I worked on restructuring our connected & driver services offering. As you probably notice, a very broad variety of projects which has truly given me the opportunity to gain a better understanding of different parts of our business, and learn a lot of new things.

However, going into my last rotation, I felt like it would make sense to tie this year together by once again working with the future strategy related topics. Said and done, in August I joined the strategy team at Traton where I have now spent about two months working on topics mainly focused on E-mobility and related services. In the project where I have mainly been involved, we have focused on trying to find a common understanding, within the group, on how to tackle the topic of charging infrastructure. There is a lot focus at both Scania and MAN on BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles) technologies and alternative fuels. We all agree that sooner or later we will most likely move from the internal combustion engine to an electrical powertrain, the question is just when. However, in order to put BEV trucks on the street there is of course a need to ensure that sufficient charging infrastructure is in place. Thus, it is not only a necessary evil, but rather an enabler to even be able to sell BEV trucks in the future. Whether this infrastructure will consist of charging stations or an electrical road network, no one really knows. What we do know is that we need to have a discussion on these topics and create a common idea within the group on how we will solve these issues.

I have really appreciated the opportunity to join Traton for a few months and gain more of a helicopter view on the strategically important topics within the group. It’s been rather interesting to switch thinking from focusing most of my time on Scania to more of a group approach in the everyday work. It’s also been a great way for me to understand the vision of Traton as a group and become more familiar with the other brands. On top of all this, I have truly enjoyed spending a few months in the beautiful city of Munich, an awesome city to live in. You have everything from nature, great restaurants and awesome bier gartens at the door step. Nonetheless, the closeness to the surrounding countries is amazing and during one of our first weekends we manage to squeeze in a trip to the northern parts of Italy around Lake Garda. Of course I won’t complain that my rotation also coincided with Oktoberfest, which was a truly great experience where I got to know the German culture even better and learn how to drink proper beer in 1 liter tankards. All in all, three truly great months in another part of the group, learning new things and discovering new places.

Lake Molveno during our trip to Italy

Lunch at the Garda Lake 

Nymphburg Schloss during one of my few morning runs in Munich

Soon it is time for me to go back to Sweden and finish off the trainee program, before starting my first fulltime role at Scania. I will tell you a little bit more about this in my next post.

Until then, take care!

Best regards,

Fredrik Englund


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