Third week – Like an airplane

Third week – Like an airplane

We are now more than half way through the program and time flies away. We are working with our projects and are trying to put all pieces together. Right now we are for real beginning to understand how everything is connected and affects each other, which sometimes makes us feel like if we are moving further away from a positive answer to the problem and the next second makes us jump of excitement. But with 2 weeks left, I know that we will come to an answer and have some good things to present in the end that will help Scania.

This week we held a presentation for the summer workers where we talked about the summer technology program and what it means to be a summer technologist. It was me and Leslie who talked during two presentations for about 80 people each time. The first round was a bit nervous but the second time, I felt comfortable to talk in front of the crowd. I think that me and Leslie did a really good job and I hope that we inspired some of them to apply for the program next year or in the future. After the presentation the summer workers also got the chance to ask us questions in smaller groups, which is something that I would have liked to get the opportunity to do when I was a summer worker.

On Wednesday we had a career night where people from different programs at Scania talked about their experiences. But as many of you know the world cup is played right now, and since Sweden had to win we all watched the game together first. We cheered Sweden to the win and the rest of the evening thereby got even better. The first speaker of the evening was one of the plant managers, who for fun fact came to the presentation dressed in a Swedish football t-shirt. He talked about his time as a trainee and also about what Scania is aiming to achieve. One of our mentors is also a former trainee at Scania so he talked about his rotations at the program and in more detail about how the program is built. We also had two people who talked about the Scania Engineering Program (SEP) respective the leader program. All presentations were very interesting and it really makes you understand that there are a lot of different ways to start your career at Scania. The speaker for the leader program is also our mentor and he said something that I will carry with me as a reminder, and I also think that it is a good way to end this post with his quote.

“An airplane is off course 90 % of the time, but it will always make its way to the final destination.”


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