There’s strength in diversity

There’s strength in diversity

Scania’s Head of Sales Support and Development Camilla Dewoon tells us about how diversity enables sustainable leadership.

Camilla Dewoon, Scania Senior Vice President for Sales Support and Development, is one of the featured speakers at this year’s Women in Tech (WIT) conference, which takes place in Stockholm on Friday 8 March. She will participate in a breakout session about leaders in tech, as part of a programme of events that is dedicated to highlighting the achievements of women in media and technology.

Camilla Dewoon

Camilla Dewoon

But although an important public platform, the event only underlines Camilla Dewoon’s ongoing commitment to diverse leadership and teams, which she believes is crucial for Scania’s future.

“It’s extremely important to highlight that there are female leaders in different areas of technology, and it’s important to discuss these topics and to be open and address the issues,” says Dewoon.

From conference to Women in Tech community in just five years

Since its first event in 2014, WIT has now grown into a community, a platform and a movement aimed at inspiring women to choose careers within technology and media. The WIT community now has over 10,000 members, proving that there is an interest in building a technology industry that with women at its core.

“Participation in events like Women in Tech is a way for Scania to be seen as a leader in driving the sustainable shift,” says Dewoon.

“I believe that people, the planet and profit go hand in hand, and I would like people to see that the Scania vision is for real. I hope I can reinforce the message that it’s our vision, and that it’s happening in all areas of our company.”

The importance of authenticity

Dewoon adds, “If you work with developing and challenging people they will grow, and they will do even more for your organisation, but a key to having a sustainable leadership is that you are grounded in your values.

“There is always a way to stimulate the use of people’s full potential to succeed in growing businesses. The key is to be authentic, be curious and to challenge yourself and those surrounding you.”

About Camilla Dewoon:

  • Senior Vice President, Sales Support and Development
  • Graduated in Business Administration from Uppsala University, with exchange periods in Argentina and France.
  • Participated in the Battle of the Numbers to support ten companies to go from words to action in order to create diversity and inclusion.
  • Passionate about developing business and people in combination.