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The three pillars

We work in partnerships with our customers and the customer’s customer to transform the transport system in a way that contributes to customer profitability while creating a low-carbon transport system. Our approach rests on the three pillars of Energy efficiency, Alternative fuels and electrification and Smart and safe transport.

Our approach to sustainable transport rests on three pillars that, individually or combined, accelerate the shift – Energy efficiency, Alternative fuels and electrification, and Smart and safe transport.

To succeed in minimising the adverse effects of today’s transport systems (greenhouse gases, local emissions, congestion and road accidents) parallel efforts across all three pillars are needed. The whole value chain needs to be made more efficient and measures need to be taken in all areas, including renewable energy, making vehicles more efficient, and making transport movements more efficient. At Scania, we apply the three pillars in different ways, depending on our customers’ individual needs rather than pushing a particular technical solution. The maturity of logistics and infrastructure across the world also plays a key role. For example in some cities there is good access to biogas from waste for use in buses, while another one might produce electricity from its biogas – making electric vehicles a possible solution.

No matter where our customers are on the journey to sustainable transport, regardless of which type of driving is involved or what the local conditions are, there is an alternative solution from Scania to order, here and now. We know that sustainability has to go hand-in-hand with profitability and the good news is that additional cost from some measures taken can be offset by others that reduce waste and increase efficiency.