The third SSI-weekend and other thoughts

The third SSI-weekend and other thoughts

Greetings from a snowy Umeå,

It’s been a while since I last wrote an update and since then the third SSI-weekend took place, and I’m back In Umeå at uni again and winter has indeed come.

The third SSI-weekend mainly focused on writing a master thesis at Scania, which we will all be doing next semester. The first day contained presentations from employers who had written their master thesis at Scania, talking about the difficulties they had encountered, where they work at Scania now, and how the experience had helped them during the rest of their careers. Listening to their presentations was inspiring and the advice given will surely come in handy when it’s time for us to start.

The first day ended with dinner and mingling with the whole group, including our mentors, at the hotel where we stayed during these weekends. A great time and a great group of impressive people, both the SSI-members and all the mentors!

The second day started with a trip to the Demo Centre where we were given a tour and a close up look at the new truck:


The day continued with the IT-group participating in a role-play activity regarding all the services that Scania provides, besides manufacturing trucks. At this point, it became clear how big Scania IT really is and we developed a greater understanding of Scanias’ operations. The day ended with a trip to the testing tracks, where we got to ride a bus on all the different surfaces that the vehicles are tested on, a bumpy ride!

Time flies and the fourth SSI-weekend is next week! It will be great to see everyone again but it’s starting to dawn on me that this program will soon come to an end, but it has been a truly great experience. The applications have now opened, so if you’re in your fourth year of engineering studies: APPLY!

Find more information about the application process and the program on: and feel free to contact me with further questions regarding the SSI-program on

Take care until next time, with more information regarding the last SSI-weekend and the master thesis process!

Best regards,


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