The third SSI-weekend

The third SSI-weekend

It’s time to update you on the third SSI-weekend. 

We started on friday with focus on our coming master thesis. Sara, who is a former SSI student and now working as head of hybrid system development held an inspiring lecture about what to think about before, during and after our master thesis at Scania.

In the afternoon we did a fun case about hybridisation and electrification where we were predicting the future of Scania. The day ended with after work with our bosses and mentors back at the hotel.

On saturday we went to 3 different visits; Scania Transport Laboratory, Body Building Center and the test track. The birthday girl of the day Daniella had the luck ride in the truck out on the test track while the rest of us went on a bus next to her. It was pretty funny to see her bounce around in the truck.  

Here are some pictures from the weekend.


Sushi lunch 🙂


Presentation of hybridization case


After work with SSI

See ya! 🙂


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