The first SSI weekend

The first SSI weekend

Hi everyone,

Vacation is coming up soon, and the office is becoming more and more empty for every day that passes. Scania has industrial vacation v. 29- v.32 which is when I will be out of office as well. It feels so luxurious to have a real vacation. I have been a student the last 4 summers, which means that I’m used to working in the summer! Suddenly I am free in the best weeks of the summer – it feels amazing!

However, I promised to tell you more about the SSI-programme. In this post I will write about the first SSI-weekend! There has been two SSI-weekends. The first one was in the end of March and the second one in the beginning of May.

SSI-weekend no. 1

The thing I remember the most from this weekend is my nervousness before. How will it be? What will we do? Will the others be nice? As always when you start a new job. I planned to take an earlier train so that I would arrive 20 min earlier, I thought it would be good since I didn’t know the area that well. What do you think happened? Delays and stops in the trains!!! My train stood still for 1,5 hours and I couldn’t get off! Can you believe my stress? First day at the programme and I am two hours late – how will this look? Today I have learned that the trains are never to be trusted – you never know when they feel like working (Sorry SL if you read this). However, everything went well and luckily I wasn’t the only one who had been stuck in train traffic.

The first day, we got to drive trucks at the demo centre(wow!), we got to visit the production site, and we got to meet our mentors at their offices.
That’s another great thing about Scania Student Intro. You are given a mentor (fadder), that supports you during the programme. The mentor is not supposed to be involved in your work, instead you can ask him/her all “dumb” questions you have and get an insight in how it is to work at Scania.

In the evening, all SSI participants cooked dinner with real chefs in Scanias restaurant. I really do not have any cooking skills (pasta bolognese every day) so it was really fun to learn from someone experienced – and wow – it was so good! It was a great way of getting to know eachother better and hanging out in more relaxed forms.

The first SSI weekend

This is Frida, who is also a participant of SSI IT, in the kitchen!

The second day we spent with only SSI IT, which meant that we could focus more on Scania IT. We did different “get to know eachother” – practices, which was fun. We also learned more about incident management at Scania IT. This was extra fun, because this was the first time during the weekend that I felt like I got to “use” the experience I had from school. All of these things, were only things I had read about in books before. It was great to see how they actually are implemented in practice! I believe that this type of knowledge is really valuable and if you ever get the chance to “go outside the books” and see how theory is applied in real life, you should take it!

After this first weekend, I remember feeling like I had been bombarded with information. There was so many new impressions and so much new information. I think I fell asleep at 8 that saturday.. However, I really think the information was valuable. It has helped me understand the organization I am working in today. Without all this background information I don’t think that I would have been able to see the greater context of my job.

I hope i gave you a somewhat good explanation of what the first SSI weekend contained. If there is anything you winder, feel free to e-mail me 🙂



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