The SHE standard

The SHE standard

Scania takes a systematic approach to safety, health and the environment (SHE), all to encourage a culture of continuous improvement to eliminate waste and respect for each individual.

Within the Scania Production System and the Scania Retail System, which encompasses the sales and services operations, employees are encouraged to identify areas for improvement and innovate together to achieve common goals.

Locally owned, globally supported

Although Scania’s standardised approach to SHE underlines overall objectives, local managing directors and line management have responsibility for defining priorities, setting targets, implementation and evaluation. Each business area reviews performance. These help drive improvements on all levels in an integrated and cross-functional approach.

Monitoring and assessments

The SHE Blue Rating monitors safety, health, environment and diversity performance. This tool for both internal audits and self-assessments helps ensure that Scania units continuously improve their operations, as well as gauge their ability to avoid related risks. Blue Rating audits are conducted among global units within industrial operations and in R&D. Performance is reported quarterly in the line organisation and annually to top management.