The secrets of V8’s success

The secrets of V8’s success

Scania V8 trucks enjoy near-iconic status among many truck drivers and operators. What’s the reason for the strong ­positive response? We take a closer look at some of the reasons for the Scania V8’s popularity.

Scania V8 trucks milestones

Scania LB140

When Scania unveiled the 350 hp V8 engine in 1969, it was heralded as Europe’s most powerful diesel truck engine.

The Scania LB140 models quickly won acclaim. They combined high output with a torque curve that flattered the use of low engine speeds – a pleasant and effective combination in a heavy vehicle. Many customers also liked the V8 emblem on the door and the typical, powerful rumble of the engine. The King of the Road was born.

Scania R143 500

The launch of the Scania Streamline in 1991 started a trend towards more aero­dynamic heavy trucks. The drag factor was cut by 12-15 percent and fuel consumption by 4-5 percent. The Scania Streamline rapidly acquired cult status among truck fans all over Europe.

Scania R 580

The new Scania Streamline R-series V8 trucks are all available with Euro 6 engines. They have typical Scania V8 traits, with loads of lugging power from low down the rev range.

Scania V8 and Euro Emission Standards

1991: Euro 1

By the early 1990s, environmental demands had become increasingly important. In conjunction with Scania’s 100th anniversary in 1991, the company introduced a complete range of Euro 1 engines, including two V8s: a mechanically governed 450 hp engine and a 500 hp EDC engine, the first Scania engine to break the 500 hp barrier.


2000: Euro 3

Scania introduced an all-new 16-litre V8 Euro 3 engine to replace the 14-litre V8. The new engine was modularised with many components in common with 11/12-litre six-cylinder engines.


2005–2009: Euro 4 and Euro 5

In 2005 Scania launched its new range of Euro 4 and Euro 5 engines, including V8 engines with outputs of 500, 560 and 620 hp and up to 3,000 Nm of torque, using technologies to match the environmental requirements in the most efficient manner for all types of transport.

2013: Euro 6

Scania’s Euro 6 V8 engines blend performance and prestige. The new R-series Euro 6 V8s provide exceptional performance and character. Proven EGR and SCR technologies are combined to provide optimum performance. Euro 6 is mandatory for new trucks in Europe from 2014.

2,400 bar

Maximum injection pressure used by Scania’s XPI system.


The number of items in a Scania V8 engine.


When Scania unveiled the 350 hp V8 engine in 1969, it was Europe’s most powerful diesel truck engine, and it remained so for many years. Scania has been continuously refining this engineering masterpiece ever since.Read more