The second SSI-weekend

The second SSI-weekend

Scania Student Intro 16/17 is in full swing, we have already spent two weekends at Scania and summer internships are coming up in a couple of weeks. After the first SSI-weekend the blog wasn’t up yet so my first blog post will be about the second one.

The first activity for the weekend was a SPS game, a fun way to gain understanding about Scania’s production system and lean thinking, using LEGO.  We were placed on different stations representing departments of a company as well as customers and suppliers. The goal was to improve the production by looking at the results and make changes after one imaginary year. My role in the game was as a customer and I wasn’t satisfied at all after the first year but after some small changes we made major improvements.

Ready for round two of the SPS game

Ready for round two of the game

When it was time for lunch we met up with our bosses and mentors. This is one of the great benefits of the SSI-program, you get both a boss and a mentor at Scania that are supposed to guide you in your career and help you with all the questions you might have. After lunch and an ice cream in the sun my mentor Henrik showed me around and introduced me to a lot of nice people at the department were I will be placed during the summer.

In the afternoon we in the mechanical track went for a visit in Scania’s climatic wind tunnel, which was really cool. What IT and System did you can read about in Linnea’s and Nikita’s blogs.

But the day doesn’t end here, because what is a SSI-weekend without a secret activity?! This time we ended up in an indoor beach and the activity was beach volleyball. It was so much fun!!!

Volleyball at the beach

Volleyball at the beach

Saturday started with breakfast at the hotel before heading back to Scania for more activiteis within the different tracks. We did a case exercise about planning for testing of new designs and the day ended in a workshop, where we had three trucks to take a closer look on.

Now I have a few weeks left in school before summer break and I’m looking forward to start my summer job at Scania, but more about that in my next post.


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