The safest cab

The safest cab

Scania has more than 100 years of experience building chassis for firefighting vehicles. Here’s the story behind the success.

The alarm sounds. There’s a fire in a kitchen where a microwave has burst into flames. Six minutes later, a Scania CrewCab fire engine is on-site. The firemen put on their protection equipment and enter the premises. The fire has spread to a nearby room, but because the fire truck arrived quickly at the scene, the flames could be easily extinguished.

Håkan Lionell, Sales Manager Special Vehicles, has worked with fire trucks since the mid-1990s, when Scania started to boost sales in this field. Among other things, the Scania CrewCab was updated at that time. The Scania CrewCab, for emergency and fire service vehicles, is an impact-tested safety cab featuring four entry doors and room for six to eight people.

“The competition found it difficult to match our factory-built crewcabs,” says Lionell. “It gave us a substantial sales boost.”

Early on, Lionell says, Scania concentrated on impact testing the CrewCab according to the European norms and standards that apply to the rest of its cab range.

Continually entering new markets

Scania-Vabis Dla Special: This truck was displayed at the Baltic Exhibition in Malmö, Sweden, in 1912. The truck was delivered to Malmö Fire Brigade in the same year. Its original ladder was 22-metres long, but this was subsequently replaced with a ladder that was three metres longer. The truck was in use until 1948.

Scania-Vabis Dla Special, displayed at the Baltic Exhibition in Malmö, Sweden, in 1912.

Lionell, as well as Mats Brodin, Product Manager Fire Vehicles within Scania, also emphasize Scania’s close collaboration with firefighting equipment bodybuilders.

“Fire vehicles built on Scania chassis are continually entering new markets,” says Mats Brodin. “Fire brigades appreciate our high-quality chassis, comfortable cabs and safety features. Our chassis are easy to use for fire vehicle bodybuilders, which are the main players in the fire vehicle business.”

To highlight Scania’s long association with firefighting vehicles, a selection of vintage, veteran and modern fire trucks will be displayed in the Scania Museum, a part of Scania Visitor Centre located close to the company’s head office in Södertälje, Sweden. The exhibition runs from 10 June until 30 August.