The pleasures of working abroad

The pleasures of working abroad

So this week’s blog post will be about the time spent off work while being a trainee abroad. Moving away from old routines back home and being stationed in a new city and country gives you a lot of opportunities to see and try new things.  Here is some of all the memorable things I have been doing since I left Södertälje!

In Munich I was accompanied by 5 other trainees (+ one of the girlfriends!) and we did a lot of nice things together. For example we swam and barbequed in the big river Isar that is floating through the city and we spent a lot of time in the big gardens drinking traditional German drinks.


Several times we were also visited by our other trainee friends. One of these occasions was during midsummer that we celebrated watching the football world championships outdoors with many thousands of Germans that were happy that night but not so many days after.. 😉

And then we have the Alps…<3  I did hiking in the Alps of Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria and all of those trips were fantastic!


The central location of Munich also gives you great opportunities to visit other countries and cities in Europe. For example, I went to Prague during a long weekend to visit another trainee friend, such a nice weekend!









Being localized in Netherlands have also been a really nice thing! This rotation I was lucky to have company from two other trainees and during the spare time we have been very active. With Axel, as pictured in another post, I was training for and ran my first half marathon. With Camilla I have also started with something for me completely new and that is to learn how to swim crawl.  Camilla is a really good swimmer and has been kind enough to join me for early swimming sessions and teaching me the techniques of swimming that I had never done before. Swimming is something I will for sure continue with back in Sweden!


In Netherlands we have also taken the advantage of living central in Europe while doing several trips to nice cities close by. Last weekend we went to the Belgian city of Ghent and was guided by a friend of mine while trying all the best of Belgium; chocolate, waffles and fries.





This weekend I had my parents visiting and on my father’s request I took them to football games in both the Belgian and Dutch league. We were lucky enough to see Breda bring home a point, something that has been very rare this autumn..

So this was some of the highlights from my rotations abroad, next weekend is the last in Netherlands and after that I am going back to Södertälje!

Thank you for reading 😊



Maria Bodingh Johansson1 November 2018
It seems like you did the best of your rotations abroad Julia. Wish you a very good luck in the future. It has been a pleasure to get to know you a little bit. Very best regards.
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