The master thesis puzzle

The master thesis puzzle

Master thesis. This word has always scared me a little…

As an SSI participant, I will write my master thesis at Scania during the spring. This will be the last and completing part of the SSI programme. It feels really good to know where I am going to write my thesis, however I still have to find an interesting topic that the school accepts. It may sound easy, but trust me – it’s not. The master thesis is something you will work with for a half year and it will probably be something you will work with in the future as well. Therefore I really want to write my thesis within something I like and something that interests me. So – how do one find an interesting project that the school will also accept? Well I can tell you how I have been doing..

Working at Scania this summer, I have been trying to network and talk to as many people as possible. I ask people what they work with, what projects they are involved in, what their colleagues do etc. By asking questions and being curious – you learn a lot! Another way is to use the Scania Intranet (Another great thing about being an SSI-student, you get access to the intranet) to find people. If I find someone on the intranet who seem to work with something interesting, I contact him/her. People are always happy to help and tell more!

I have not decided yet what to write my master thesis about, however I have some ideas… I have really enjoyed being at IC this summer, and I think I would like to write my master thesis within something similar. I will let you know when I find my topic!

Have a great day!



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