The King is dead, long live the King!

The King is dead, long live the King!

Was this the last UK sale of the current truck generation?

When Jarrod Griffiths, a driver trainer at Scania distributor Keltruck, delivered a new R 580 V8 truck to JJ Bartlett (Haulage) Ltd in Coventry late last month, it was a bit of an emotional moment.

“I found myself thinking that it must have been the very last or close to very last new Scania V8 in the ‘current’ model (P, G, R series) to go to a customer,” explains Griffiths, a self-confessed Scania fanatic.

There may be other new P, G, R series V8s still out there, but Keltruck, Europe’s largest Scania distributor, has no more left on its roster, and production of the P, G, R series in Europe has just ended for good. Given the success of the new truck generation, Griffiths’ hashtags ‘#TheKingIsDead … there is a new #KingOfTheRoad’ were a very apt way to mark a bit of a milestone in Scania history.

Jarrod Griffiths, at Keltruck, trains customers how to operate their new generation Scania trucks.

Mixed feelings

Having previously been a haulage driver for twelve years before joining Keltruck, Griffiths is a fan of all things V8. He is thrilled by the new generation Scania, which he says “blew me away” from the moment he first took it for a test drive at Scania Demo Centre two years ago. Nonetheless, he confesses to mixed feelings about this ‘changing of the guard’.

“From a driver’s point of view, I grew up with the P, G, R series. I drove a Highline and Topline on the continent for my previous employer for 12 years and I had a V8 myself. I was actually quite emotional when the Sales Account Manager Russ Kelly and I made the delivery to Bartletts.

“The old King is dead, and it’s a sad moment. It’s been an amazing truck for operators and for Scania.”

A suitable home for a special truck

With all the emotion surrounding this truck, Griffiths finds it pleasing and fitting that it’s going to a very good home. He explains that JJ Bartlett have long been Scania customers, and both Mr Bartlett and son are “a proper truck family and proper Scania men”.

“Mr Bartlett has bought this Scania V8 truck for his driver, and his company is mad keen on all things Scania. He has even restored an original T-cab, which is something beautiful. He’s a real truck enthusiast.”

“It’s fantastic that we sell to so many big fleet operators, but we also shouldn’t forget that we were built on owner-operators and their business relies completely on their truck. That’s what makes a truck like this so special.”

Long live the new generation

Jarrod Griffiths believes that there’s no better truck on the road than a Scania V8, whether it be P, G, R series or the new generation. As the youngest member of the Scania truck family grows, he has high hopes for it.

“The Scania P, G, R series earned its reputation as ‘King of the Road’. I have no doubt that the new generation will inherit that title soon enough as it’s an awesome truck, and with our new V8 engines that have got the Scania V8 rumble back, it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up!”

The King is dead…long live the King!