The journey begins

The journey begins

Hi all,

Since this is my first post I will start with a short description of what SSI is and how it works followed by some of my personal experience and lastly end with what is to come.

Scania Student Intro (SSI) is great way for students that is about to end their chapter as students and start their careers to gain some valuable experience. The program is divided into four weekends, a summer internship and a master thesis.


The weekends consist of cases, lectures and group activities. The cases are diverse and challenging but most of all they are stimulating and fun. The lectures are held by a broad spectrum of individuals with a wide range of experience from different areas within Scania. The group activities creates a good atmosphere and strengthen the bonds.

One of the purposes of the first and second weekend is to give you an insight of the many different areas within Scania and the abundance of things you can do. Furthermore you will get the opportunity to see how the different areas are connected and what their specific role is.

During the summer internship you will be assigned a position that fits your profile. I was positioned at NEVE which is a group at the R&D department responsible for different tools used to analyze vehicle data and the calibration of the engine, gearbox and brakes. My task was to develop an application that is able to plot vehicle data and enable an a graphical way to analyze it (visible on the right screen). The application is developed in Visual Studio and written in the programming language C#.

The journey begins

One of the biggest challenges with this task was to make the application suitable for several other applications and to make it adaptable to support different types of functions. Also I like to point out the importance of revision control which were one of the many things I learned a great deal of during the summer (My department used perforce).

Next up is the third and fourth weekend which will be focused on the master thesis. To find a suitable subject to write about is for many a difficult task. Fortunately you have a mentor that can assist you in the search of a tending master thesis subject. I have been assigned Sofie Wisén Svanström which is well connected and have made it much easier for me to narrowing my search. Also she have taking an interest in my wellbeing at Scania which tells you a bit of the working environment at Scania.


All the best



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