The Global Deal, a win, win, win for all

The Global Deal, a win, win, win for all

On 21 September Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, launched the Global Deal at UN Head Quarters, New York.

Scania is a company that prides itself on meeting and overcoming tough challenges. Today’s globalised world presents more complex and essential tasks, often presenting more questions than answers, than ever before. The newly proposed Global Deal: Enhanced Social Dialogue for Decent Work and Inclusive Growth is seen as a solution based on the Swedish model.

The Global Deal pays close attention to effective industrial relations and decent working conditions. It is a vision which Scania is proud to support.

Scania and the Deal

Although Scania is a wholly Swedish company, it also is a truly global employer with 46,000 employees operating in more than 100 countries. Scania recognises that the foundation of the company’s success is in motivated, engaged and highly skilled employees. “Supporting Global Deal comes naturally to us. Scania has a unique corporate culture where one of our company’s core values is ‘respect for the individual’,” says Kent Conradson, Executive Vice President, Human Resources at Scania.

Scania is currently developing its guidelines and agreements regarding Labour Relations-structure, minimum requirements for human rights, labour rights and more. The development will ensure that the guidelines are in line with the most stringent standards in the area. Scania previously signed the UN Global Compact, now complemented by Agenda 2030 and its sustainability goals.

“Global Deal creates a natural platform for Scania and its employees for further co-operation and improvements,” says Lisa Lorentzon, chairman of Akademikerföreningen (the academic union) at Scania.

Stronger together

The Global Deal is defined by a ‘joint global partnership initiative with like-minded countries, companies and organisations’ Scania is working alongside major companies such as H&M as well as transformative  business groups such as the B team, world leaders and non-governmental organisations including ILO, OECD and international trade union organisations. Together their aim is to jointly address the challenges in the global labour market and enable all people to benefit from globalisation.

The win, win, win

The objectives of the Global Deal are effective industrial relations, decent work and quality jobs for all. If met they will contribute to greater equality and inclusive economic development. This will benefit workers, companies and societies. It is, ultimately, a ‘win-win-win’ for all.

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