The fourth and final SSI-weekend….

The fourth and final SSI-weekend….


Here comes an update on the fourth and final SSI-weekend (how did time fly by so fast?):

The first activity we did on the first day was to ride one of the prototypes for an electric bus, a very quiet bus ride I may say!


After that, we had a lecture regarding personality types and continued with several exercises on the subject where the aim was to find out more about our individual styles of working, how we perceive others and how we are perceived by people with different personality types. This was an interesting exercise where some things were expected but I had a few revelations too and I now have the urge to find out more about myself and how to communicate with other personality types! Moreover, the importance of including a variety of different personality types became very clear, as we can all complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses and together obtain even better results!


Picture to the left: We identified both positive personal qualities and a few areas in which we would would like to develop.

Picture to the right: The group of identified “D-personalities” (Myself included). 

At lunch time, our mentors joined us to catch up. My mentor has been a great support and I know that we will stay in touch in the future which is a nice bonus from this whole experience.

During the afternoon we split up into our groups and IT took part in case solving with the department of Connected Services, where we had to present and “sell” a future potential service that would fit into the departments field.


Erik, myself and Tim: The happy case-winners of a Scania truck!

The evening continued with a “secret” activity, which was:


Curling, slippery and fun!

The first day ended with a cosy dinner with all SSI-participants and the dedicated organizers of the program.

During the second day, the SSI-IT group participated in an exercise regarding the different project phases, from the initial pre-study to the last handover of the projects results.


Four of the eight SSI-IT participants enjoying their sushi lunch. 

The day ended with case solving together with all SSI-participants, regarding user requirements, where we discussed which priorities different requirements had depending on which type of use a Scania truck was aimed at. This was an eye opening exercise for me, since I have mostly worked with IT and services at Scania, so it was rewarding to discuss more technical issues with other SSI-participants that have worked closer to the production during the summer.

After these four weekends, I can confidently say that I have received a deep insight into all Scania’s operations, both technical and business related. The experience has also made it clear to myself in which direction I would like to proceed with in the future. And one of the best outcomes of participating in the SSI-program is of course the network of talented and engaging people that I have met during this time, both SSI-participants and Scania employees!

At the moment, I am still finalizing the last details for my Master Thesis at Scania, which will start mid-January. Until then, I’ll continue my last course at University which has just started.

See you soon Scania!



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