The first weeks at R&D

The first weeks at R&D

Since spare time not is my cup of tea I more or less went straight from my last exam to my first day of work. I mean, handing in the exam on Saturday afternoon (yes, at Linköping University we do have exams at that time) and starting work on Monday morning definitely gives time inbetween for moving belongings needed for one summer from one apartment to another one. I have to admit that the train ride between the two locations was not too comfortable, though, as I shared seat with my backpack.

The first Monday came and I headed to Södertälje and Scania Technical Center for my first day of work. I collected my entry card and met up with Richard, my supervisor at the team I am working for this summer. The day continued as first-day-of-work days typically do with a guiding of the facilities, explainations of my tasks, a not-so-lucky setup of the computer and some good advice associated with getting on speaking terms with the coffee machine. The office was pretty empty, as it was the day between a holiday and the national day.

Now, a few weeks later, I am starting to feel comfortable at my new job. I am working at the materials technology department, which is a support function for the construction departments. The department is divided into several teams, each one specializing in certain parts of the trucks and buses. My team works with cab and bus body, and more precisely I am assisting in the area of polymeric materials. That means that I share my time between office and lab environment and run a few own projects. I think it is very interesting since there are so much details to examine. Additionally I have not taken the course in polymeric materials yet, meaning that I hopefully will get some advance this autumn.

Except from work, we have had a summer reunion together in the SSI group in Södertälje park, an activity park where we tried archery golf and bubble football (a video on the latter can be seen on Scania Career´s Instagram account). Additionally, we have had a SSI lunch together, and another one is scheduled this Thursday.

The bubble football. Photo by my SSI-blog colleague Steffany Reyna Marquez.


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