The easy way to maximise your vehicle’s uptime

The easy way to maximise your vehicle’s uptime

Imagine a service which, based on how you actually use your vehicle, tells you when it’s time to go to the workshop. Not too often and only when it’s needed. This service is called Scania Maintenance with flexible plans – a service contract that maximises a vehicle’s uptime. 

Not all trucks are used in the same way, which means that service and maintenance needs are not identical, either. To reflect this, Scania is now offering a service called Scania Maintenance with flexible plans. The service takes advantage of oper­ational data from the vehicle which is evaluated and ana­lysed by Scania. And Scania’s service technicians can also remotely download the diagnostic vehicle data before the truck arrives at the workshop, allowing them to further tailor the service and be as prepared as possible to deliver the best possible standard of maintenance. The result is optimised service and maintenance intervals, meaning less time spent in the workshop, with the truck having increased reliability and uptime.

Scania Maintenance with flexible plans.

“This new service is available for all trucks from 2009, equipped with XPI or PDE injections technology and fuelled by diesel or biodiesel,” says Claes Åkerlund, Head of Global Service Concepts at Scania. “Long-haulage trucks each operate in different con­ditions, even if they might appear to be similar vehicles, and this means also that the maintenance need differs among these vehicles. By evaluating operational data such as the consumption of fuel, average speed, oil and engine temperatures and mileage, we can establish a maintenance schedule for when a vehicle really needs maintenance, and each maintenance occasion will be unique, based upon the prior operation.”

Tailored maintenance work

By taking advantage of a Service Contract including flexible plans, truck operators can maximise productivity. Scania will now support the customer with planning and administration regarding their vehicle’s maintenance plans in a much more proactive way. Customers will be contacted by Scania when it’s time to do maintenance. If the driver or owner uses Scania’s Service Planning app, the maintenance work can be further tailored once the vehicle arrives at the workshop.

The new flexible plan takes into account maintenance needs not only for the Scania chassis but also for the complete vehicle (including trailers and bodyworks), as well as any regulatory inspections needed and any other requirements put forward by the customer. These additional parameters are then taken into account when the flexible maintenance plan is optimised, so that the availability or uptime of the vehicle is maximised.

“We’re utilising the fact that a majority of Scania trucks are connected. This gives us the latest data and allows us to tailor our maintenance to precisely what the customer needs,” Åkerlund says.

Scania maintenance with flexible plans is now being implemented at Scania workshops throughout Europe, with other territories expected to follow soon.