The customer at the core

The customer at the core

With customer profitability as the starting point, Scania aims to be the leading provider of sustainable transport solutions. This means integrating sustainability fully into the business and working with others to tackle impacts, transform our industry and create lasting value.

Scania wants to harness its skills, know-how and proven systems to meet the need for sustainable transport. Sustainability as a way of thinking is fundamental to the business success, aligned with the core values, the business strategy and the way of working. In short, it is an approach Scania is working to integrate into every aspect of the business. To be a credible and trusted partner, Scania must meet high standards of social, ethical and environmental responsibility.

Change in partnership

Meeting society’s need for transport and mobility with a much smaller footprint means driving down waste and emissions, and boosting efficiency right along the value chain. In reaching for this goal, Scania is not alone. Change on this scale demands collective action, in partnership with customers and other key stakeholders. Realising the sustainability ambitions means Scania has to rethink the system — inside and beyond Scania. This is a huge undertaking, and this journey has only begun. But the deep understanding of the transport sector, and the key trends driving change, enables Scania to better understand the impacts and focus on reducing waste.

Gaining a deeper understanding

Through close dialogue with customers and other partners in the logistics chain, and other stakeholders, Scania sees significant potential to reduce environmental impact and build a transport system that is able to meet future demands and provide value for society.

As a member of the Volkswagen Group, Scania generates shared benefits by working with other Group-affiliated brands, particularly in areas such as R&D and supply chain management.