“The best truck I’ve ever driven”

“The best truck I’ve ever driven”

Over the 30 years that Jonas Lohmander has been a truck driver, he has driven many truck models. But in his opinion none comes close to the new generation Scania in terms of fuel economy, comfort and quality.

He had heard the claims that the fuel economy of the new generation Scania was unprecedented but Lohmander was not convinced. “I’ve been around for so long that I found that hard to believe. It was simply impossible; those low figures weren’t possible,” he says.

Seasoned truck driver

In summer 2017, Lohmander had the opportunity to drive a Scania R 500 demo truck for one week on his regular run. For seven years, he has been transporting food on behalf of Bring Frigo to the central warehouses of major Swedish food retail chains. Five drivers share four trucks on the route from the southern to central Sweden. Loaded with 60 tonnes of frozen goods, Lohmander drove the normal delivery routes that week.

“I usually drive a 2012 model 730 hp truck, which at best consumes 46 litres/100 km. With this new truck, I clocked 37 litres/100 km, even though the truck was heavily loaded in both directions.”

“without doubt the best truck ever”

The demo truck was equipped with the two-pedal Opticruise automated gearchanging system, which means that the driver can’t change gears manually. But even in a manual mode the fuel consumption should be at the same level.

“I called Scania after my first trip and told them that I’d driven many trucks but that this was without doubt the best ever.”

In addition to the impressive fuel figures, Lohmander is impressed by the truck’s comfort and quality. “Closing the door shows the difference. It sounds like an Audi; in other words, completely silent. And the comfort is amazing – Scania has really taken major steps forward with the new generation.”