Scania at a Glance

Test-driving for real

During a few Saturdays this past autumn, construction industry customers from the Stockholm region and other interested people had the opportunity to test-drive a number of different Scania models and vehicle combinations under realistic conditions. 

Trucks used in the tests included the top-of-the-line R 730 and a Euro 6 compliant G 480. There were also vehicles from the Swedish Scania range of complete vehicles, including new tippers from Swedish bodybuilder J. Sörling-Ilsbo AB.

The test drivers

Joel Santesson

Joel (and son Love) Santesson, Tranebergs Åkeri, Stockholm

Joel (and son Love) Santesson, Tranebergs Åkeri in Stockholm, Sweden

“I was pleasantly surprised by Scania Opticruise,” says Joel Santesson.

He had tested it before, but now he felt that it was much better. Santesson normally drives an asphalt truck with two tipper bodies and thought it was fun to take a closer look at the new trucks.

“I was amazed when I realised that the truck actually had a 60-tonne gross weight. It really felt as if it did not have to struggle,” he says after stepping out of the R 730 rig.

Anders Bergman

Anders Bergman, Frinea Transporttjänst, Ekerö, Sweden

Anders Bergman, Frinea Transporttjänst in Ekerö, Sweden

Celebrating the New Year in his R 500 truck is not unusual for Bergman, who comes from the island of Färingsö west of Stockholm. With this truck, he helps handle winter road maintenance on the islands of Lake Mälaren, among other tasks. He has a manual gearbox in the truck, but after having tested a G 480 Euro 6 with Scania Opticruise and automatic clutch, he says:

“If I change trucks, I’ll get one with Scania Opticruise. Then I won’t have to sit and pull the gear lever.”

Tomas Timber

Tomas Timber, Siltberg & Timber AB in Upplands Vasby, Sweden

Tomas Timber, Siltberg & Timber AB in Upplands Vasby, Sweden

Timber normally drives an R 440 crane truck. When he leaves the 60-tonne rig he has just test-driven, he does so with a big smile on his face.

“Fantastic. What a feeling it was to start on the hill with a 60-tonne gross weight,” he says. Timber has just test-driven an R 730 featuring Scania Opticruise with automatic clutch on the roads around Scania-Bilar Sverige’s dealership in Kungens kurva south of Stockholm and at a local gravel pit called Vårbykrossen.

“Work should be fun and you will have fun in a truck like this,” he says.

Jonas Seger

Jonas Seger, Grödinge Frakt AB in Grödinge, Sweden

Jonas Seger, Grödinge Frakt AB in Grödinge, Sweden

When we meet Seger at the Vårbykrossen gravel pit, he knows he will soon stop driving a Scania P 280 distribution truck for Älta Transportservice and will instead start driving a truck with a trailer for another company, Grödinge Frakt. He has just tested an R 560 truck-and-trailer combination on the roads around Kungens kurva.

“It was a bit unfamiliar, but it feels that there is more thrust in an R 560 than in the trucks I have driven so far, even though the combination I drove today was considerably heavier,” he says.

For Seger it is not really important what make he drives, as long as he can drive a longer rig.

“It’s really fun, you know. But if I can choose, it will be a Scania. It’s a good brand and they’re lovely,” he says.

Benny Olsson

Benny Olsson, Bäckström Stockholm AB in Norsborg, Sweden

Benny Olsson, Bäckström Stockholm AB in Norsborg, Sweden

With extensive experience from a variety of vehicles, including dump trucks, Olsson mainly praises the air-suspended front axle of the R 730 truck he test-drove.

“It ran quietly and beautifully, but I’m not used to this type of vehicle. It takes a bit of time to get used to, but it’s fun to test-drive,” he says.

Olsson does not have much personal experience of Scania’s V8 truck range, but he mentions that colleagues at Vinkelboda Transport & Anläggning and other companies talk about how fuel efficient the V8 trucks are.