Technical Training in Hong Kong

Technical Training in Hong Kong

During 3 days we have been conducting technical training for the Asian local technical helpdesks personnel. With 17 people representing 7 countries it has been a great success.

It is really amazing to see how those skilled persons interact and during the technical training, performed by different experts, actually start to help and train each other.

This is something that will provide lots of value for Scania in the future. To have well trained technical experts that have the ability to solve customers’ problems close to the Scania workshops and thus providing higher uptime for the end customer.

You feel really humble when you hear personnel from New Zeeland discuss possible solutions to a customer problem with colleagues from Malaysia.

It is all about cooperation and helping each other. This has been a really well invested week here in Asia.

A special thanks to the presentators, below you can see Patrik and Patrick in action.


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