Tailor-made solutions

Tailor-made solutions

Scania’s unique modular product system, developed over several decades, is one of our most important success factors. It is integral to our approach to flexibility and lies at the heart of our business model.

The modular product system enables Scania to provide individual specifications for each customer with a limited number of components in its product range. The modular system, which results in a relatively low number of parts and components, enables Scania to achieve economies of scale in research and development, production and service operations. With this strategic approach, Scania gains the flexibility to tailor solutions to different transport needs in the context of changing market demands.

Through Scania’s modularised system, each vehicle is tailored to its specific purpose and new, high-quality technologies are brought to market quickly and efficiently. Customers benefit through a tailor-made vehicle with high uptime, reduced fuel consumption and optimised load capacity.

Standardised interfaces

Standard interfaces are the basis for modularisation. They are designed in such a way that they do not change over time. This makes it possible to install new components that improve product performance without the need to change the surrounding components.

Same need, identical solution

Several components are often the same despite different applications. The shortest truck cab variant may be needed in order to maximise cargo capacity both in light distribution service and in a heavy tipper truck operating in a mine. A powerful, high-torque engine may satisfy the need for maximum traction power in a demanding operation or for maintaining a uniform speed during long highway journeys. The same need will always result in identical solutions.

Well-balanced performance steps

Components are matched to specific customer needs, such as differences in cab sizes, engine output, frame strengths and number of axles. Scania’s Research and Development operations continually evaluate how to further refine the modular system in order for Scania to have the smallest possible number of parts and the largest possible selection of variants in its product portfolio so that every customer can obtain an optimised product.