Tailor-made for applications

Tailor-made for applications

Scania’s unique modular system is one of our most important success factors. Developed over several decades, it is integral to our flexible approach in addressing customers’ needs and lies at the heart of our business model.

The modular system enables Scania to provide individual specifications and thus offer our customers an extremely wide product range. Combined with our ability to tailor services, this ingenious toolbox enables Scania to offer solutions optimised for a vast number of different transport needs.

With relatively few components and parts, the modular system enables Scania to achieve economies of scale and maximise resource efficiency in research and development and production. For example, only one size of windshield is used in all cabs. In service operations, it ensures high availability of spare parts and continuity for the service technicians.

Tailor-made for applications

Customers benefit through a tailor-made vehicle with high uptime, reduced fuel consumption and optimised load carrying capacity. The customer has an offering that meets their needs for cost efficiency in a way that also meets the specific sustainability demands that come from their business, their customers or where they operate. This strategic approach gives Scania the flexibility to tailor solutions to different transport needs and to accommodate various regional market demands. The toolbox allows each vehicle to be suited to its specific purpose; new, high-quality technologies are brought to market quickly and efficiently. Tailor-made for applications

Scania’s modular product system applies to our entire product portfolio – trucks, buses, coaches, and engines. A great deal of the chassis components in a bus are shared with those in a truck. Scania’s industrial and marine engines are developed from the base engines for vehicles, making full use of the modular concept.


Application-focused products and solutions

Scania offers specific solutions for a wide range of different applications, allowing us to meet the demands of various industries, from mining, forestry and bus systems, to retail distribution and waste handling. By using real-time data from our connected vehicles, the possibilities to provide optimised solutions for all types of driving assignments have never been greater. Tailor-made for applications

Scania takes an ‘outside in’ perspective to our development of new solutions. We look at our customers’ needs but also those of their customers, analysing where their logistical chains are wasteful and can be improved from the all-important sustainability and cost-efficiency standpoints.

In close cooperation with different industries and selected customers, Scania has analysed relevant data for each application, including driving activity, monitoring of typical routes and transport patterns, to develop application-focused products and solutions that offer improved efficiency, high performance and lower environmental impact for our customers.

Tailor-made for applicationsBuilding on these insights, Scania has launched a new online tool – Scania Configurator. Using this tool customers can explore the boundless opportunities for tailoring the truck to precisely match their desired specification. Customers also get specification recommendations for a number of applications.

The three principles of Scania’s modular system

  1. Standardised interfaces – make it possible to install new components, that improve product performance, without the need to change the surrounding components and structure.
  2. Same need, identical solution – using the same components for different applications, for example using the shortest truck cab variant to maximise cargo capacity for light distribution service, as well as for a heavy tipper truck operating in a mine. Only one size of windshield is used in all cabs.
  3. Well-balanced performance steps – making it possible to match the specific customer needs, with differences in cab sizes, engine output, frame strengths and number of axles.