Tailor-made for application

Tailor-made for application

Scania offers tailor-made solutions for a wide range of different applications, allowing us to meet specific demands of various industries, from mining, forestry, bus systems, to retail distribution and waste handling. By using real-time data from our connected vehicles, the possibilities to tailor optimised solutions for all types of driving assignments have never been bigger.

In close cooperation with different industries and selected customers, Scania has analysed the relevant data for each application and driving activity, and has also monitored typical routes and transport patterns in order to develop truly application-focused products and solutions that offer improved efficiency, high performance and lower environmental impact.

These carefully-tailored specification recommendations are made possible by the operational and performance data gathered by Scania’s extensive network of connected vehicles. From this data we extract the necessary intelligence to optimise the customer’s vehicle and its maintenance. The data is also used to optimise the sales process when customers seek to replace or up-grade their fleet.

With the insights from having an application approach, Scania can continuously improve the modular system to develop the right components best suited for each application.


Scania’s cabs are strongly modularised, with a common frame, common outer panels and interior parts. Cabs are fitted at different heights and lengths to suit different applications and to give the customers ample opportunities to optimise space and comfort in the cab. Only one size of windshield is used in all cabs.


Driven, steered and tag axles are part of Scania’s modularised range, and used in various combinations in 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-axle vehicles. Some driven axles are available with hub reduction.


Frames are manufactured in several strength classes and lengths. The most rugged ones feature an inner frame to handle extra-heavy loads.


With two main gearboxes in combination with range and splitter units, Scania can build 28 types to cover haulage needs ranging from 16 tonnes to 200 tonnes gross train weight. Gearboxes are available with manual or automated gear changing (Scania Opticruise), and can be ordered with an integrated Scania Retarder, a hydralic auxiliary brake system, attached to the gearbox.


Scania’s engine range is based on three engine series featuring five, six or eight cylinders. From these engine building blocks, made out of 2 litre unit cylinders, 63 basic types of engines can be built. With output levels ranging from 230-730 hp, torque of 1,050-3,500 Nm, and in compliance with all applicable emission standards. In addition the engines can be built to run on either diesel, biodiesel, hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), bioethanol, liquified or compressed gas.