Swedish summer nights and flex time

Swedish summer nights and flex time

Looks like summer has finally come to Sweden, just in time for the vacation to be over… but hey, I am not complaining! I still had a great vacation, managed to enjoy both the sunny and less sunnier days and still get to enjoy those wonderful summer evenings now after work. Yesterday for example, me and a group of friends met up at Rålambshovsparken for dinner and After Work in the sunset on a blanket in the grass, waiting for Stockholm Film Festival to kickoff! For the rest of the week they will show movies each night on a huge screen in the park, free for everyone and when the weather is good, it is a great way to enjoy the hours left of the day after work.

That is probably one of my biggest tip for all you who work or study, make the remaining hours of the day count! It is very (very!) easy to just go directly home after work and be consumed by the thought of how nice that couch or bed is, and just stay put. But life isn’t about living for the weekends! Make the weekdays special too! Head to the gym, go for a jog, go on a date, have dinner with your best friend or just have a nice after work! It doesn’t have to be that complicated, and once you get there, you will realize how much nicer it is to do something than just staying at home. Believe me, I know how temping the couch and computer can be, when you have had a long day at work and are tired when getting home… yesterday, I almost didn’t join my friends.. I was dead tired when I got home and knew that it will probably become a late night if I joined them. But I did! And not one single part of me regrets it! I do believe that one has to make the weekdays exciting in order to manage to work full time and still have a “life” outside work. It is very easy tho get caught in the “I’ll just do it during the weekend” thoughts when you commute 3h/day to/from work (which I do) and then work 9h. I leave my apartment at 06.20 and arrive back home at 18.00. Not many hours left of the day… but that makes those hours even more special, so use them well!

So, try to plan some fun activities for the evenings during the week, to have something to look forward to! Work will suddenly seem less dominating in your life.

What I really LOVE about Scania is their flex-time. Flex means that we can come/go between 07 and 18 roughly, as long as we complete our 8h workdays and tasks. Why I love it? Because I often flex during lunch to go for a jog. This way, I get exercise during the day (very helpful when you sit by the computer all day) and get to enjoy the summer nights free from training or so! When I workout during the lunch break, I take about 30min extra (75min instead of 45min), and compensate this by coming to work at 07.30 and/or taking shorter coffee breaks. It is completely up to me as long as I do not miss any meetings and finish my tasks! I didn’t think I would use flex time that much during my time here, but I really love the freedom to steer more freely regarding my work hours! I went for a jog both yesterday and today, great way to wake the body 😉 Many of my colleagues use flex time to drop off or pick up their children also. This shows how Scania respects that every individual has their own life to accommodate to.

So, let’s enjoy what is left of the summer and stock up on as much D vitamin as possible for the fall and winter!

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