Sustainable transport KPI’s

Sustainable transport KPI’s

To be able to continuously improve, Scania measure and follow up on our performance. To facilitate tracking 17 sustainability KPI’s have been developed, all aligned with our sustainability focus areas.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is at the core of our business. Fuel consumption is the number one factor for buying a truck or a bus today. Hence, we work relentlessly on improving the efficiency of our vehicles, the sales of our Ecolution by Scania programme, the number of drivers that participate in our coaching and trainings and the amount of repair and maintenance contracts sold with flexible plans.

Ecolution by Scania

During 2017 Scania increased the number of sold contracts with Ecolution by Scania with 18 percent compared to 2016, and saved our customers on average 10 percent in fuel and CO2 emissions.

Driver training

During 2017 the number of trained drivers continued to grow with more than 20 percent.

Driver coaching

During 2017 the number of coaching sessions continued to increase with around 30 percent.

Scania maintenance with flexible plans

Flexible Maintenance has grown to become a global success during 2017 with a growth of 370 percent.

Alternative fuels and electrification

In order to phase out the use of fossil fuels, alternative fuels can play a much bigger role than we see today, and we don’t need to wait. The technology is already here Scania has produced solutions for commercial biofuels for more than 20 years, and we are proud to provide the largest variety of vehicles for alternative fuels on the market.

Sales of alternative fuels and electrification1
Scania continued to increase the number of vehicles sold with alternative fuels and hybrids during 2017, ended up on 5,131 vehicles which amounts to 5.5 percent of total vehicle sales.

Smart and safe transport

Smart and safe transport is dependent on digitalization technologies to achieve the most efficient transport solutions for cities, industries or logistics. Since 2011, we equip all Scania vehicles with the vehicle computer Scania Communicator as standard. The Communicator collects and analyses data in order for us to provide our customers, and in turn their customers, with ideas and solutions on how to improve efficiency in the transport value chain.


There has been a strong growth in deliveries of connected vehicles. By the end of 2017 the total number is up at 302,755.

For more details and definitions on our sustainability KPI’s see pages 129-131 in the Sustainability and annual report 2017.

1. Sales of products with gas, ethanol (ED95), biodiesel-FAME preparation, hybrids and estimation for HVO for Bus and Trucks.